How to Freeze Interest Payments on Credit Cards

How to Freeze Interest Payments on Credit Cards
Freeze interest payments on credit cards.

Contact the credit card company and request a full itemization of the principal balance, interest rate estimate and any fees associated with card privileges (such as annual fees and over-the-limit fees). This statement as it applies to secured credit is known as a payoff statement. If the company does not provide such a service, most of this information can be found on the monthly statement.

Contact your credit card issuer.
Phone the credit card company.

Phone the credit card company and ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. Ask them if they would consider a temporary interest payment freeze. Explain why you are making the request, for instance, if you have become unemployed or have an illness that would leave you unable to work. If you are already behind on payments or are considering bankruptcy, they will try to accommodate in order to collect.

Write a letter requesting an interest freeze.

Write a letter to the credit card company requesting they freeze the interest rate so you may pay off the balance. Include the creditor's name, address, phone number, account number, your name and address. Also include the name of the individual you spoke with and request reconsideration of the freeze. Ask that they reply via mail with a freeze approval and payment instructions.