What Is Dependent Life Insurance?

Dependent life insurance is a life insurance policy that you purchase to cover the lives of your dependents. These policies are usually offered in group plans, such as through an employer, but can also be purchased privately.

Supplement to Your Policy

Dependent life insurance policies are purchased as supplements to a policy you purchase for yourself.


Dependents can be a spouse, domestic partner or children. Children can include your biological children, adopted children, step-children or the children of a domestic partner.


In most cases, children do not have to qualify for the coverage, while coverage for a spouse or domestic partner will sometimes require the submission of a health statement or medical examination.

Amount of Coverage

The amount of coverage offered for a spouse or domestic partner is a percentage of the coverage you have purchased for yourself, usually not exceeding 50 percent. The amount for dependent children is a fixed amount, usually around $5,000.

Types of Policies for Children

Some policies for dependent children are offered only as term life policies. Other policies offer an accumulating cash value, which the child can cash in at the age of 18.

Term Life for Spouses or Domestic Partners

In most cases, only term life policies will be offered for spouses or domestic partners.

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