How to Find a Coin Counter

Cashing in on heaps of spare change is often a long-anticipated event, the result of months or even years of stashing nickels and dimes. But if you wait too long or collect too many coins, the task of counting can become quite daunting. The fastest way to turn your coins into cash is using a coin counter, of which there are a number of varieties located in several types of venue.

Step 1

Search online. The Coin Counting Home Page contains a database of over 2,800 locations in 50 states where you can find coin-counting machines that charge 5 percent commission or less. Search your own state for banks and supermarkets offering free or reasonably-priced coin counting services.

Step 2

Visit your bank. Most banks will provide coin counting services to those holding accounts with them. Some even have free self-service coin counting machines. Find out from the teller whether they would like you to roll the coins yourself or if this is unnecessary (most banks provide free rolls for this purpose). Although some banks charge for their counting services, the fee is significantly less than at coin-counting machines.

Step 3

Visit the supermarket. Most larger supermarkets have coin counters such as those run by CoinStar. While using these machines is quick and easy, producing a receipt redeemable at the checkout counter, they also take a sizable chunk of your money. For instance CoinStar charges 8.9 cents for every dollar counted.


In case you'd like to begin counting yourself, most banks provide free rolls for the purpose of organizing and numbering coins.

Some coin counting machines give you the option of donating your coins to charity or receiving a gift card to certain retailers. In both cases you get discounted or free coin-counting.

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