How to Find Tax Liens Online

How to Find Tax Liens Online
Almost anything can be researched online, including tax liens.

Go online and search for lists of tax liens for sale. Use a free online service that lists tax lien sales such as to find lists. Become a member of the site, click the link to search liens for sale and then select your state. Many county treasurers' offices also post sale listings online. Visit their website and navigate to the tax lien information page to find out if such lists are available. If so, the date and location of the next sale should also be posted. A few states conduct online tax sales. In this case, you would mail in your bid.

Visit the website of your state recorder to research information about a particular lien.

Navigate to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) records search page once you have connected to the state recorder's website.

Search for the tax lien by entering the debtor's name (business or individual), the address of the property or the certificate number. Enter these details into the appropriate search fields. Make sure you spell names correctly.