How to Track Old Insurance Policies

Parents or grandparents may have purchased an insurance policy many years ago that has since been forgotten. Or you may be aware that a policy was purchased at one time, but cannot find any policy information or documentation. You may need to do some detective work to track an old insurance policy to find a policy number, or even the company who sold the policy. Old insurance polices can be tracked using a variety of options and methods.

Step 1

Look to see if there are any old policy documents that may have been stored away. You may need to look in old boxes of paperwork that may be stored in an attic or closet.

Step 2

Search for old payment receipts if an agency or brokerage does not have any information available. Payment receipts may contain information such as a policy number that can be provided to an insurance company.

Step 3

Use a policy locator service to find information about a lost life insurance policy. One such service is available at This service, however, is only available for finding policies of individuals who are deceased

Step 4

Use a website such as to find contact information for a particular insurance company. You can also perform a search on Google to find contact information for an insurance company.

Step 5

Contact the insurance agency or brokerage office that initially sold the insurance policy. Many insurance agencies and brokerages maintain old client policies for a certain periods, depending on their retention policies.


See if the life insurance policy was sold by the same company that provided other insurance policies, such as an automobile or home policy.

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