How to Inexpensively Get Rid Of Termites Yourself

Shows some termite trails

Do you have termites? If you have mud trails leading up from the dirt that look like this on your foundation, you have termites. This article will describe a method of getting rid of the termites by yourself quickly and inexpensively. No exterminator needed.

Step 1

Boric Acid Bottles

This picture shows two typical bottles of Boric Acid powder that will kill termites. There are probably many other products available on the market. Boric Acid is just a sample. Although they specify that this product is intended for killing roaches and other insects, boric acid will eliminate termites too.

Step 2

Application of the powder

As shown in the picture, scrape off the mud trail and place a little pile of boric acid at the base on the ground so the termites will have to crawl through it. Normally, boric acid is a white powder. Keep an eye on your foundation for a few days looking for more mud trails to spring up. It is common for other trails to spring up as the termites look for alternative routes. Just keep scraping the trails off and piling up the boric acid. In a few days the termites will be dead and the trails will stop. In this instance it took about a week for the trails to stop.

Step 3

Shows the powder along the foundation

Put it all around your foundation if you have to. After the termites are gone you can wash off the powder with the hose. Otherwise, it won't hurt to just leave it there to chase off any other insects that may be around.


Boric Acid can be found in most grocery stores and hardware store and is quite inexpensive.

Things You'll Need

  • Boric Acid powder

  • Putty knife

  • Old spoon


Adhere to the warnings on the product labels.