How to Calculate the Seller's Net Sheet

A net sheet estimates the proceeds from a home sale.

When selling a house, the seller should prepare a seller's net sheet to help them determine the selling price and the proceeds expected. If the seller is using a real estate agent, the agent should prepare the net sheet or have the title company prepare one. The seller's net sheet calculates the cost of selling the property to determine the amount of money the seller will be left with after the close.


Step 1

Begin with a selling price. The amount of the selling price will have a bearing on some of the costs, so begin with the amount you will be asking for the property.

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Step 2

Calculate any commissions that will be paid to the real estate professional. Typically this will be a percentage of the actual sale price, although some real estate agents charge set fees. If it is a percentage, multiply that percentage by the sale price to determine the amount.


Step 3

Ask the title company for the cost of the title insurance. Typically a seller will be required to buy a title policy for the buyer. This amount will vary according to the sale price of the property.

Step 4

Check with the title company on any escrow fees, transfer fees or other fees associated with selling the property.



Step 5

Look at your property tax bill to find out if you will owe any back taxes at the time of the estimated close.

Step 6

Contact your mortgage company, to find out what the payout on your loan will be on the date of the proposed close of escrow.


Step 7

Add up the amounts from steps 2 to 6. If there are any other liens on the property, include those amount in the total. Add in any other real estate fees or taxes that might be applicable in your area. Subtract the total from the amount in Step 1. This is the estimated net after the close of escrow.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator

  • Paper and pencil

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