How to Increase an American Express Credit Limit

There are many reasons you might want to raise the credit limit on your American Express credit card. A higher limit gives you more spending flexibility as well as the ability to collect more air miles or other benefits. Raising the credit limit also might increase your credit score, because you will be using a smaller percentage of your credit line.


Step 1

Login to your American Express account at

Step 2

Click on "Credit Management."

Step 3

Click on "Increase Your Line of Credit."

Step 4

Fill in the form, including your household income.

Step 5

Request the new credit limit amount and submit the form.

Step 6

The system will automatically approve or reject the request. There's also the possibility that it will increase your limit but to a lower amount than you requested.

Step 7

You also can request a higher credit limit by calling 800-528-4800. A representative will go through the above steps with you over the phone.


Your credit limit is determined by your income and your outstanding debt.

Things You'll Need

  • American Express credit card

  • Computer or telephone