How to Make a Cheap Tiki Hut

tiki hut

A tiki hut is a great place to sit back have a glass of tea and relax. but before you can do that you have to build it.

Step 1

An old satellite dish can be used for the top. If you do not have one check around your neighborhood for an old one in someones yard. Ask if they would like to get rid of it. In most cases they just want them gone and will give it to you. OR check with local junk dealers or with your friends.

Step 2

Once you have the dish and have choosing a nice place for the tiki hut. dig a hole to install the post. Mix the cement and pour it around the post to help hold it in place. Allow the cement to dry.

Step 3

Once it is dry , you can place the dish on top the pole in an upside down position. This will be the roof of the tiki hut. you may need to drill a hole and mount it with a bolt or two.

Step 4

Now thats in place you can begin to cover the top.

Step 5

This can be done with palm frowns or palmetto frowns.
gather the fronds and lay them on top attaching them in place with string. making them layered will help keep the rain off you should it rain.

Step 6

If palm fronds are not readily available you can use outside material to cover the top with.

Step 7

For an extra delight add a string of lights to the outside rim of the dish. Enjoy

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite dish

  • Palm frowns or Palmetto frowns

  • String

  • 1 bag Cement

  • Bolt

  • Drill