How to Handle Debit Card Fraud

Keep your debit card information safe.

Losing or having your debit card stolen can significantly complicate your personal finances. Swiping your debit card for a purchase deducts funds directly from your bank account. If someone steals your card or gains access to your card number, this person can potentially deplete funds from your bank account. This can result in overdraft fees and bounced checks. It's imperative to act fast if you suspect debit card fraud.


Step 1

Call customer service to report problems. Check your bank account daily to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of transactions. Notify your bank immediately if you detect unknown charges on your account. Provide the name of the vendor and the amount of the transaction.

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Step 2

Cancel your debit card and request a new one. Debit card numbers do not match bank account numbers. Canceling the stolen card and receiving a new debit card stops fraudulent activity. Your bank may recommend closing or freezing the account. If keeping your original bank account opened, continue to closely monitor the account.


Step 3

Notify creditors and merchants. If you recently wrote checks on your account or have automated withdrawals, contact creditors to submit an alternate payment.

Step 4

Contact the local police. Speak with the bank to see if the company will report the crime. If not, file your own police report in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.