How to Earn Money With My PayPal Account

PayPal has grown to become a widespread method of payment for both buyers and merchants alike. As the utility of the PayPal service has grown, so has the number of people who have money in a PayPal account. An increasing number of them are finding ways to earn money with their PayPal accounts by making some simple adjustments.

Step 1

Log in to your PayPal account.

Step 2

Click "Money Market" near the bottom of the screen on your "My Account Page."

Step 3

Click "Enroll Now" to enroll your PayPal account in the money market program that sweeps the balance of your account into a money market fund on a daily basis. This means your money will always be accessible like it is now, plus you will earn money on every dollar in your account every day.

Step 4

Next, click "Referrals" at the bottom of the "My Account" page. (It is near where you clicked on "Money Market.") You will get two kinds of codes. One is a link that you can add to any email or other format you chose. The second is code that can be placed on a website. Both will pay you $1,000 anytime someone signs up for a PayPal Merchant account after clicking on your link.


While these are the only legitimate ways to make money directly with your PayPal account, there are many indirect ways such as selling items (anywhere, not just on eBay) or offering services. Even though current interest rates are very low, money market interest rates tend to be higher than equivalent savings account rates.


Money market funds are not FDIC insured. While the funds are managed to never lose money, there is no guarantee that will be the case. There are terms and conditions that apply to the Merchant referral program. Make sure you understand and comply with them.