How to Become a Filthy Rich Millionaire

Become a Filthy Rich Millionaire

Almost every ones dream is to become filthy rich and retired with millions of dollars. You watch your TV and you see normal people getting filthy rich every day. The rich either get their money through hard work, being an entrepreneur or just being very lucky. Here are some tips on how you can become filthy rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Step 1

Lottery- You can become filthy rich through winning the lottery. Winning the lottery can be the easiest way to becoming filthy rich. I see people that win the mega million and get checks for $50 to $100 million. You can buy a lottery ticket for one dollar and hit the jack pot. If you buy several tickets you might have a better chance at hitting it big time.

Step 2

Inheritance- You can also get rich through inheritance. If you have rich parents or some one in your family that is famous, then you might have a chance at getting an inheritance. I know a nurse that got an inheritance from a elderly woman she took care of, then she quiet her job and retired from nursing. If your not a nurse, don't have rich parents and don't have famous relatives, then any thing is still possible.

Step 3

Going public- If you're a entrepreneur, then this might be your way to getting big bucks. The biggest secret to becoming rich fast, is taking your company public. If you look at the world's richest entrepreneurs, they all got rich by taking their company public. People such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Yahoo brothers all went public. These businessmen didn't become billionaires until they went public. Do you have a good product or brand you want to promote, then this might be the way to richest.

Step 4

Stock market- Do you like investing in stocks. You can get rich several ways investing in the stock market. You can buy penny stocks or small cap stocks and invest a small sum. If you invest in these stocks you can double and triple your profits in less then a year. I would get more educated about small cap and penny stocks, because they can be a risky place to put your money. If you want to get rich super fast,then you should learn how to trade stock options. You can make a yearly salary in one month trading stock options. If you learn the basics of how to trade options, then you'll be making money in no time. If you're a more experienced investor and have a lot of money, then invest in a IPO (Invest public offering). You can become a millionaire over night. If you would of invested in Microsoft IPO then you would of been a millionaire.

Step 5

The internet- The internet is the easiest way to riches, if you're an entrepreneur. You heard the stories of how people made a killing on e-bay and quiet their jobs. E-bay is still a power house and will remain one for years to come. The days are over when you had to pay $10,000 dollars a month for a spot at the mall. You can open a e-bay store less then a few hundred dollars online and make as much money as a store front. Do you like to write? I write every day, because it's one of my passions. The internet made it easier to become a freelance writer. If you want to become a writer there are websites that will let you write for free. You can go to sites like e-how, bukisa, associated content,xomba and bloggers. These are all web sites that you can write on. If you don't have a product to sell and you can't write, then join an affilate program. You can sign up for free and start making money. The best affilate programs are amazon, click bank and e-bay. These companies offer good affilate programs. When you sell their product and help promote it, then you get paid. Becoming an affilate can be a good way to become rich, in your spare time.

Step 6

Write a book- If you want to be a millionaire, then write a book on how to become one. Have you notice all the authors that write books on money are rich. I also notice some authors never made their money through business and investing. The money that they made mostly came from their books. If you want to write a book fast and get paid quick, then write an e-book. You can gain more profit and get paid quicker. If your an author, then this might be your way to become filthy rich.

Step 7

Music industry- Can you sing, rap, write songs or make beats, then you might fit good in the music industry. If your good at writing songs, but don't want to be in the spot light, then you should be a ghost writer. The ghost writer job is to write a hit record for the artist that perform the song. If you make beats but can't sing and rap, then you can be a producer. The producer is similar to the ghost writer. The ghost writer writes the hit record, but the producer makes the beat for the hit record. Do you have skills when it comes to rockin the mic. You don't have to rap like jay-z or lil Wayne to make it, but you have to have a gimmick to go with your rhymes. If rapping ain't your thing, then learn how to sing. I don't think American idol is recommended you can use myspace or you tube to make it.

Step 8

Real-estate- I had to save real-estate for last. It's a saying that the wealthiest people either made their money in real-estate or held their money in real-estate. Do you remember playing monopoly as a little kid. When you played monopoly, you was learning how to invest in real-estate. You can be the next Donald trump, all you have to do is think big.


You can't get rich over night, but you can become filthy rich.


Don't give up you have the power to make wealth.