How to Sell Hair and Make Extra Money Easy

Lots of women and men sell hair to make extra money easy. It's not a scam or a trick. Selling hair is a practice that has been going on for centuries and is as profitable now as it has ever been. Turn those luscious locks into much needed cash. Learn how to sell hair.

Step 1


Virtually all human hair is worth SOME money. However, some hair is worth a LOT. Two factors that help determine the price hair will sell at are quality and length.

QUALITY generally refers to the condition of the hair being sold. Virgin hair, or hair that has never been treated with chemicals, is the ideal quality and will sell for the highest price. If you have never colored, permed, or straightened your hair, selling it may be a great way to make extra money easy.

LENGTH is another important consideration. When you sell hair, in order for it to be reusable, it should be 10 inches long. Longer hair will earn even more money. 15" or more of quality hair can be sold for $100 or more.

Step 2


Before you take a pair of scissors to your hair, make sure you have a plan as to where you will sell it. There are many online sites that either offer cash for hair or allow you to place classified ads for this highly specific audience. is a site that allows users to post ads for their hair. This site claims to have sellers making in excess of $2000 for long, virgin hair.

Step 3


Before you cut your hair, make sure you wash it thoroughly and rinse well. Remove all oils and soap residue as these will negatively impact the appearance of your hair.

Step 4


When you sell hair, it is important that you plan the length of the hair you cut. While you want to make sure your resulting style is one you can live with, buyers will not be interested in hacked up, short cutting. If you sell hair to make extra money, don't undermine your efforts by producing cuttings no one wants to buy.

To keep hair organized and neat, brush thoroughly and tie with a hair elastic. This will make clean-up and packaging a breeze.

Step 5


Keep your cut hair (still tied by an elastic) in a plastic zip-lock bag. This will prevent dust and other contaminants.

Step 6


To sell your hair, you will need to let people know you have a sample to sell. Post a classified advertisement (generally free) on a hair selling site like . You should plan on including a photo. All told, it's a great way to make extra money easy.