How to Cut Your Electric Bill

Most electric bills can be cut.

Utility bills are a major expense for most households and businesses, but there is no reason for the expense to go to waste. Most people burn too much money on their monthly electric bills. A few simple cost-cutting measures can slice your bills without leaving you in the dark.

Step 1

Stop yelling at everyone to turn off the lights. Instead, cut your electric bill by installing motion detectors for lamps. Simple motion detectors that plug into any wall socket are available at any local hardware or home improvement store. You can lower your electric costs by having the lights turn off automatically when people leave the room.

Step 2

Cut your electric bill by signing up for a cycling program. Your electric company will use a radio signal to shut off your heating for short periods during peak usage hours. Since the breaks are so short, you won't notice the difference except in your savings.

Step 3

If your state gives you the option to choose your own energy provider, shop around and save up to 20 percent a month on electric costs. Contact your state's public service commission to determine whether this is possible.

Step 4

Switch to compact fluorescent lamps. CFLs use up to 75 percent less energy than standard light bulbs and last a lot longer. They are initially more expensive than regular light bulbs, but the savings in electric use will easily make up for the higher initial outlay.

Things You'll Need

  • Motion detectors

  • CFL bulbs