How to Make Money Off of a Timeshare

How to Make Money Off of a Timeshare
Make Money Off of a Timeshare

Take note of the condition of the timeshare before buying. Do not get involved with a property that will require heavy maintenance. The less money you have to spend, the more profit you will make. Some states, like Hawaii, require timeshare holders to pay annual maintenance fees.

Purchase your timeshare during “cooling off” periods. These occur in most areas in the United States during months where vacation travel is limited. In many places, September and October are two of the best months to buy a timeshare for a fair price.

Find properties that have flexible usage plans. It is good to invest in timeshares with units in several locations, if possible.

Steer clear of timeshares that have strict limitations on reselling. With so many options in timeshares, getting stuck in a situation that is uncomfortable and difficult to manage is unacceptable.

Organize your deed and property title. Time limits exist on many timeshare ownerships, so act as promptly as possible. You must know all of your rights regarding the specific details of management.

Sublease your timeshare when you are not using the property. Obviously, the longer you have use of the timeshare the more you can sublease it. If you want to make large profits from your timeshare you have to adapt your lifestyle and vacation time to fit a strong subleasing schedule.