How to Fix Your Bathroom Floor (cheap)

Fix Your Bathroom Floor (cheap)

When you need to replace that horrible beat up floor, this is an easy cheap solution.


Step 1

Remove all of your existing flooring down to the floor boards or concrete

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Step 2

Rip out any cabinets you don't want


Step 3

Lay down your underlayment (I used 3/8") Screw it down around the perimeter every 4" and on the inside every 8"

Step 4

Cut around your outflow


Step 5

Make sure you countersink your screws

Step 6

Cover floor with fixall and sand as smooth as possible


Step 7

Vacuum the floor, then wipe down floor with a damp cloth to get all the dust out.

Step 8

Lay your tiles starting at the exact center of the room


Step 9

Take your time cuting out detailed corners

Step 10

I like to save the hard parts for last, like this cutout I've been putting off...


Step 11

Once all the tile is layed, all you have to do is put the trim back up

Step 12

Clean floor with dry cloth before reinstalling sink/toilet and anything else


Full Day Project Collect all of your material and tools the day before you begin

Things You'll Need

  • Partical Board to match the height of the floor outside bathroom

  • Drill (battery or electric)

  • Phillips Bit holder

  • Phillips Bit

  • Fixall

  • Linolium Tiles

  • Sharp Knife

  • Tape Measure

  • Chaulk Line

  • Marker

  • Sander or Sanding Block

  • Trowell

  • Mixing Bucket

  • Water


Take your time!