7 Affordable Ways To Hygge Up Your Life

Hygge is the new black.

Hygge (pronounced 'HUE-ga') is a hot (literally) Danish interiors and lifestyle trend that is taking the English-speaking, yuppie hipster world by storm. That's not to say it's a hipster trend -- it's actually the best trend I've ever heard of. Hygge basically means "cozy" and focuses on minimalism, indulgence, and a "stay at home sipping tea on the couch by an open fire while smothering yourself in love and blankets" attitude I can really get behind. Now, you might read "Danish" and hear "expensive", but one of the best things about Hygge is that it can be a cheap lifestyle to live if you skip the expensive design-oriented home furnishings and go straight to hermit crab in a shell of down duvets.


1. Stay home

The whole concept of Hygge is affordable in its philosophy: Stay at home! Do not go outside in the cold! Hygge means you get to stay in the comfort of your own home, saving dollars you would have spent on expensive cocktails and Uber rides. Invite your friends over and all spend the winter Hygge-ing inside together.

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2. Add a flagship mug to your collection

You don't have to buy a minimalist design Danish leather couch to go full Hygge. It can be as simple as spending $20 (or less!) on a mug you use daily. The only addendum is it must be the best mug you have ever seen, and it must warm your heart to its very core when you wrap your fingers around it and hold it to your lips.


3. Embrace fire

Don't become a pyromaniac or anything. But if you have an open fireplace, time to dust it off. Light candles everywhere (none of this Diptyque business, go cheap and cheerful). Pretend you're in a log cabin on a snow filled mountain and there isn't another soul for miles.

4. Get crafty

Learn how to knit or sew or glue gun things together and make yourself socks, beanies, sweaters, blankets, pillowcases, artworks -- anything that will add to the coziness of your body and home.


5. Read more

The zen of Hygge lies in not having to do much to achieve the full Hygge state. Ransack your book collection and spend the winter indoors getting through your "to read" list.

6. Cook delicious warm things

Get in the kitchen and start baking. Make your own bread, cookies, cakes or muffins and eat them while they're still warm. Soup is the lifeblood of Hygge, and roast meals are the foundation on which a hearty Hygge lifestyle is built. Save money on eating out, and cook your own comfort food instead.


7. Indulge in small pleasures

Hygge is about the simple things in life -- not the expensive things. Run a steaming bubble bath, cuddle the one you love all night while watching your favorite movies, and pop popcorn straight from the kernel. Appreciate the little indulgences that make you feel warm and full inside and out.