The Total Cost of a Pinterest-Worthy Nursery

I will never forget when I went over to my girlfriend's house to see her new nursery. She was due in three months and was eager to show off her bouncing baby boy's new crib. I will admit -- it was gorgeous. Pristine and thought-out and just plain adorable. She even had French shutters on the windows! I looked around in awe. Wow, what a great place to spend the first couple year of your life. I started to plan my own future nursery for my non-existent baby. I went home that night and perused Pinterest for fun. I wanted some French shutters...until I saw how much they cost! Holy hell! How in the world did any of these Pinterest-Perfect women afford these nurseries?! I had to dig deeper to see how much it would actually cost to have a Pinterest-worthy nursery. From the looks of it, I'll need to start working a couple extra jobs…

Pinterest Perfect crib

In a stunning realization, I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the Pinterest Perfect nurseries had cribs for under $300. Is that a deal? I guess it is in the Mom Blog world. Especially if you can get your hands on a 3 in 1 crib like the one above.

Soft and Airy (but chic and different) lighting

You can't just go to IKEA and buy a floor lamp for $20. I mean, you can, but we're building a Pinterest-worthy nursery; all efforts must be stepped up 10 notches! Onward ho! With lighting, many of these mamas opted for adorable chandeliers like the one featured above. Most are in the $200-$300 range.

All the succulents

Trend alert! If you do not have succulents in your baby's nursery, you do not love them. Okay, I'm kidding, but seriously, almost every single nursery I found myself creeping on had either real or fake succulents accented in some sort of way. A bulk order of succulents (Why would you get real ones? Like, why?) will run you around $30. And if you want to live like Desiree from The Bachelorette's baby, then you will need to spend at least $100 on faux plants. Get to it!

Pillows and blankets and stuffed Animals, oh my!

These are a must-have, of course, and these mom bloggers know how to do it right. Want to spend $45 on a baby blanket like this lady? Do it to it. $25 for a plush fox? SURE! This mom blogger did it and look how freaking cute her baby's home is going to be!

Total: $700

Sigh. Of course all that stuff isn't really for the baby -- and that's fine!Something to keep in mind: As I pinned and created wildly unrealistic expectations for myself (and my non-existent baby), I noticed that many of these mom bloggers were sponsored by hardware stores or other interior decorating companies, which means a lot of their nurseries were free. Keep this (and the real prices) in mind before you start working on that Pinterest Perfect nursery.