How to Retire

Everyone wants to retire at some point. You either desire to travel around the country or world while other people choose to stay at home and work in their garden. Whatever you choose to do you must look ahead in order to be able to retire without concerns about money.

Step 1

Find a job that offers a pension or a retirement plan. Some jobs offers a pension upon retirement where they mail you monthly checks and there are also jobs that offer various plans including a 401k.

Step 2

Plan ahead. Figure out where you would like to live and spend the rest of your life. Decide where you want to retire.

Step 3

Estimate figures and calculate how much it would cost in order to retire. If you plan to travel gather estimations on how much it would cost to stay in hotels or buy a motor home for example. If you plan to stay home and garden or do other hobbies, figure out the cost for you to be able to stay home and not work. Gather how much bills would cost and estimate what you would need in order to retire.

Step 4

Make investments. Invest in 401k, CDs, or stocks and bonds for example. This could double or triple your money depending on what you invested in.

Step 5

Lower your expenses. You will need to maintain a budget by putting money out only on things you need. Stop eating out as often in restaurants that could cost more money than necessary.


You could invest your money in several kinds of stocks or a 401k that could either be highly risky or has low risk. It is probably better to choose a lower risk investment until it earns interest and then take the interest and put it into a high risk investment in order for it to accumulate a large amount for retirement.