How to Keep Someone From Repossessing Your Vehicle

How To Keep Someone From Repossessing Your Vehicle

Call and make a payment arrangement with the creditor if you get into a financial bind. If you do this at the first sign of trouble, generally the repo man is not sent your way. You can always try this for a few weeks to buy some time.

Lock your car up in your yard with the fence or gate closed and or locked. If this is the case, it is illegal for a repossession agent to enter the premises without your express permission. If he does, this is considered breaking and entering because of the lock on your gate. Invest in a padlock, it will do the same thing on a regular fence.

Put up a No Trespassing sign on your fence, or at the door of your garage, and close your vehicle inside. This will keep any repossession agent from entering your garage to take your vehicle. It is illegal to enter any premises that is marked No Trespassing without permission.

Park your vehicle at a friend's house that was not listed on your application for your vehicle. This is the first place that skip tracers look for you. Maybe that cool friend of yours can give you a ride home, and come get you in the mornings to get your car.

Continue to try to work something out with the bank. Even applying for a personal loan until you get back on track financially is a great idea.