How to Become Homeless

How to Become Homeless. Believe it or not, over two million people become homeless during a given year. You can become homeless by choice or for necessity's sake. For whatever reason, if you're determined to become homeless, you need to fight the urge to live a conventional and traditional life and reject all offers of financial assistance. Read on to learn how to become homeless.

Step 1

Plan where to stay overnight. Couch surfing may be an option if you have a lot of friends. Look into homeless shelters in your area. If you have a job to maintain, make sure you can get a shower in every couple of days so that you can keep the job and meet your financial goals. Sleeping in your car might be an option if you can find a place to park it overnight that's secure and legal.

Step 2

Sell or store all possessions that you can't move quickly and efficiently. If you own a car, you can keep more of your things with you. If you don't, you should plan on only retaining about a shopping cart's worth of personal items. This includes clothing, pictures, sleeping gear and hygiene products.

Step 3

Look at this venture as if you're taking an extended backpacking trip. Pack only necessities that you can live on for the amount of time you plan on being homeless. If you're not sure how long you'll be without housing, pack for two months and plan to wear clothes multiple times between washings.

Step 4

Refuse to listen to the advice and offers of others to lend you money so that you can retain your housing. If you're in credit card debt or have other financial problems, becoming homeless for a time can eliminate a good portion of your monthly expenditures and get you back on track.