Where to Find All the New Jobs During COVID

Image Credit: martin-dm/E+/GettyImages

The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is in sight. With vaccines potentially rolling out to hundreds of millions of Americans by spring, life might begin to look more normal, as long as we can hold out a little while more. One of the surest signs that COVID is behind us will be when everyone who wants to work can do so.


Alongside the coronavirus, however, came a huge economic contraction. Millions of jobs we depended on have changed or vanished, and many of us don't entirely know what to retrain for yet. Even with so many Americans out of work or underemployed, however, employers are hard up for new hires.

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The mismatch comes down to skill sets and risk factors. Many of the open positions on the market are for in-person roles: manufacturing, health care, delivery services, and so on. ZipRecruiter told NPR that just 1 in 10 postings for new jobs are available to work remotely. Many who have kept their jobs during the pandemic can confirm that working from home is hardly the norm.


All this is simply to say that if you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your job or job search, there are reasons why it feels extra difficult. You have ways out of this, though, especially if you're able to upgrade your skill set. We're all working out how to tell the best stories about ourselves after this topsy-turvy year. It's rough out there, but it's also a great time to refocus on who you really are — and what you really want to do.