Imagine Flying in a Cabin With No Screaming Kids

Flying is already so stressful — even if you make it to the airport on time and checking your bags and going through security and paying too much at the food court goes smoothly, there's always the flight itself. Turbulence, popped ears, cramped seating, an already filled-out crossword in the in-flight magazine: All are possibilities. But the surest guarantee of all seems to be that you will share your cabin with at least one squalling child.

Babies' cries have actually evolved to a specific pitch that sends our brains into emotional overdrive. We take it as a given that we have to grit our teeth through the experience, whether we sympathize with the frazzled parents or simply wish for some peace and quiet. The conversation about whether we should is coming out of the dark these days; in fact, some airlines are already offering "child-free zones" on their flights.

If you just got excited, the letdown is that none of the participating airlines offer the seating options on American flights. Carriers like Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Scoot Airlines of Singapore and India's budget airline IndiGo are on board, but American enthusiasm for designated seating areas for kids would most likely only be matched by furor against it. If you thought the fight over emotional support animals, both in the sky and on the job, was fraught, it's more than likely that was just a warmup.