The 10 Best Cities for Solo Travel

Desperate for a vacation and ready to just pick up and go? Well Airbnb sounded off on their internal data, sharing the cities where they're seeing major upticks in solo travel. Sometimes that's due to business, and sometimes it's due to pleasure — but if you've never had the luxury of taking a trip all by your lonesome, we can't recommend it enough. You will feel independence like never before, that we can promise.

According to the data out of Airbnb the number one city on the rise for solo travel is Cancún, Mexico. The city has seen a 170% uptick in solo bookings through the website over the past year. The number two city on the list? That would be Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The list is rounded out by eight other unexpected cities: Cologne, Germany; Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Johannesburg, South Africa; São Paulo, Brazil; Auckland, New Zealand; Mexico City, Mexico; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Busan, South Korea.

So if you're in desperate need to get away, and can't wait for anyone else to figure out their life/schedule/vacation days, perhaps one of these cities should be your next destination. One thing's for sure, you won't be the only one alone.