5 Things to Do at Night to Simplify Your Morning

When the alarm goes off, most of us are in turbo mode until it's time to get out the door and head to work. Check e-mails, make coffee, feed the kids, feed ourselves, make the bed, shower, get dressed . . . what did we forget? So in the name of having slightly more serene mornings, start planning for them the night before. Here are five foolproof tips for things to do the night before that will help you get your morning started on the right foot.


1. Make your to-do list for the next day.

Make a to-do list for the following day and populate it with the forthcoming day's three most important tasks: The ones you need to get done if nothing else gets done. This way when you wake up the next morning you will wake up with purpose, knowing exactly what it is you need to accomplish.

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2. Tidy up.

No one wants to spend their morning sorting through piles in an effort to find the things they need for the day. With that in mind, take a few minutes to tidy up before heading to bed. You probably don't want to wake up with dishes in the sink, or yesterday's clothes in the living room. Starting the day with a fresh palate will just lead to a more zen mind.


3. Pick out your clothes.

There's a reason a lot of us do this as children, it's centering and it gets our day started out on a prepared foot. So take a look at the weather, think about what's on your agenda and scrap 10-minutes of blank-eyed starring into the closet from your morning routine.

4. Pre-pack your lunch.

Most people say they want to bring lunch more often, and yet a big reason why people don't is because they don't have time in the morning to get their lunch together. Scrap that whole dilemma and get it set and ready to go the night before.


5. Quiet your mind.

Take a few minutes to yourself. Maybe that's in the shower, maybe it's reading a book, maybe it's journaling — whatever it is that makes you take a deep breath and feel like you, do it. It will make your night better, your sleep deeper, and your morning that much fresher.