Your Salary Could Be Causing Relationship Stress

Image Credit: jacoblund/iStock/GettyImages

Asking for a raise is hard. Saving money is hard. Sticking to a budget is hard. And dealing with all of this within the context of a relationship is even harder. In fact, it's the hardest.


In March, the British counseling center Relate, Relationships Scotland, and Marriage Care, put out a study that asked thousands of participants to name the most stressful part of their relationship. The #1 answer? Money.

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According to the study, 26% of participants cited money — how to make it, how to spend it — at the top of their list of relationship woes. Numbers two and three on the list were not understanding each other, and low libido.

In a press release attached to the study relationship counselor Arabella Russell offered up some advice. "The key is to be completely open and honest with each other about your values, feelings and spending habits. Make sure you're both clear on how you plan to share finances, pay bills and manage your spending."


So if finances are weighing you down, if you are ready for a raise but are unsure how to ask, if you hate the way your partner budgets, talk to your better half. Money is stressful when you're handling it solo and becomes doubly so when you add someone else into the mix.