11 Easy Money-Saving Hacks You Can Start Today

1. Go to the library.

Books, DVDs, and magazines are all here waiting for you. For free! Just return them on time, duh.

2. Cook at home.

While at the library, pick up some cookbooks and start using that dusty kitchen of yours. That will help you shop only once a week and cut out impulse buys. If you live in a more, ahem, European setting and have little space to spare in your pantry or fridge, then you get a pass on this one.

3. Grow your own food.

Be it a few cherry tomato plants, a full crop of corn, or just a little herb garden on your window sill. Now you don't have to pay $3 for a bunch of sad mint leaves when you only need a sprig.

4. Nix gym fees.

If you don't go to the gym three times per week or more, cancel that membership! Running is free, there are loads of free workouts on YouTube, and you can buy some used weights from Craigslist for a song.

5. Find free stuff.

While you're on Craigslist, see if anyone is selling (or giving away!) an item you need to buy.

6. Think about selling some of your things as well.

Go through your closet and garage and get rid of that old junk.

7. Make your coffee at home.

This is a no-brainer! If you are really stuck on your favorite shop's beans, then buy a bag and have them grind it for you. A $3 cup of drip literally contains 5 cents in beans.

8. Keep your space organized so you don't double-buy things you already have.

While your coffee is brewing, take a few minutes to clear your counters and put things in their place. A neat home is a joy to be in and you'll avoid buying repeat items if you know where things are.

9. Use homemade cleaning products to tidy up.

Image Credit: eHow

They're cheaper and less toxic than store-bought. A little vinegar and hot water with baking soda works wonders! Find out how to make a homemade wood floor cleaner here.

10. Make foods you can re-heat/re-purpose/freeze.

Why not make a batch of pancakes? You can freeze what you don't eat and heat them up in the toaster for breakfast.

11. Cut down on gas.

Make an effort to carpool or take public transportation to work or school every day. It's better for the environment and it gives you more time to read all those books you got at the library!