3 Ways to Avoid ATM Fees

According to their annual survey of checking accounts, Bankrate says it's more expensive than ever to get your own money out of an ATM. Using an out-of-network machine will cost you almost as much as 20 McNuggets. We've got to do better. Here are some quick tricks to use so that you never pay an ATM fee again:

Change Banks

There are fewer banks than ever and they all want your business. If yours isn't offering a refund to you for using a non-network ATM, switch to one that will. Investopedia has compiled an excellent list of banks that offer either refunds or are totally fee-free. Switching banks is as easy as can be and it's worth the effort to save some dollars.

Get Cash Back

Next time you're at the grocery store, get some cash to keep in your wallet. Better yet -- take only that cash with you when you go out and limit your spending to what you've got in your pocket.

Use Your App

Your bank has an app, and that app has a map. Use it to find fee-free ATMs.