How to Cash a Check Electronically

In most cases, when you receive a paper check, the only way to access the cash is by going to a bank. But for those times when your branch is closed and you don't have access to an automated teller machine that allows check deposits, you might have another option. As long as you have your ATM card and a special tool at home, you can attempt to cash a check electronically without the help of a teller.

Step 1

Ask your bank for a remote deposit scanner. This is a small machine linked to your account that scans a check and electronically deposits it to your balance. It uses a technology called Remote Deposit Capture. The machine is available for purchase or renting and is a common small-business tool.

Step 2

Log into the check scanner, which requires Internet access, software and a computer. Position the check at the opening of the device and allow it to pull it through the scanner. It generates an image of the check for review on your computer screen.

Step 3

Verify the amount and click the option to send your deposit electronically. Review the balance after the deposit is completed. Depending on your bank's deposit policies, the new balance reflects all or part of the check amount. Some banks offer same-day clearing and availability of funds.

Step 4

Withdraw the newly available cash from your closest available ATM after processing the check electronically.


Make sure that you know the sender of the check and have confidence that it will clear when the bank processes it the next day.

Be prepared to pay expensive fees if you have to use an out-of-network ATM.