How to Create a CPN Number

How to Create a CPN Number
Credit reporting agencies are not government agencies, and therefore can't legally require your Social Security number.

Step 1

Formulate a rationale for needing a CPN number. The law allowing for the creation of a CPN is considered a "loophole," and the credit bureaus and banks are working to prevent people from abusing the ability to get multiple CPN numbers and using lines of credit they don't intend to pay back.

Step 2

Contact an attorney to help you navigate the process of obtaining a CPN. People on the Internet are often scamming people by getting them to pay huge fees for CPN numbers that turn out to be unusable. Hiring an attorney will help to increase the probability of obtaining a CPN number and not subjecting you to potential legal consequences from the process.

Step 3

Instruct your attorney to follow all applicable laws and to make sure he contacts the Social Security office. This will help alert the authorities to what you are doing and your rationale behind it.

Step 4

Be prepared to follow up on any questions that may be asked of you by the federal government or credit bureaus about your intentions behind obtaining this number. Always consult your attorney when dealing with those authorities.

Step 5

Use your CPN number only when necessary. Opening new lines of credit and avoiding problems you may have had with credit using your Social Security number is not how a CPN should be used. Debts incurred by a person are always the responsibility of the person using the lines of credit.