How to Redeem Points on Your MBNA Card

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Cardholders with one of MBNA's rewards cards can earn points on purchases to use toward various rewards like travel, gift cards and merchandise. MBNA cards that qualify for the rewards program include the ​MBNA Rewards World Elite and MBNA Rewards​. The MBNA Rewards World Elite card earns two points for every $1 spent as of publication, while the MBNA Rewards card earns one point for every dollar.



Both rewards cards occasionally give you bonus points after making your first purchase. In 2015, for example, the MBNA Rewards World Elite card offered 10,000 bonus points after making one purchase. To maximize your points, open the card during a bonus points promotion.


The MBNA Rewards World Elite card has an annual fee of $89 as of publication.

MBNA Rewards Program

To redeem your MBNA rewards points, log into your MBNA Online Banking account and click on the Rewards link on the home page.

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If you don't have a MBNA online account, enroll for one by providing your full name and account number; accepting the electronic access agreement; and picking a login name and password.

Merchandise and Gift Cards

If you want to use your points towards merchandise or gift cards, search the rewards catalog on the MBNA website. You can search by keyword or number of points. Add that item to your shopping cart, double-check your shipping address and submit your order.



To use your MBNA points for travel, choose the travel option through your online account. ​Request a statement credit to apply points to travel expenses like airline tickets, hotels and rental cars.​ You can redeem towards travel starting at 10,000 points, equal to a $100 statement credit.


Manulife Bank Credit

If you have the MBNA MasterCard through Manulife Bank, you can redeem your points for a cash deposit to your account. You can also opt to put the points to pay down your MBNA credit card statement.



You can redeem rewards points for cash, starting with 2,500 points, which equals $25.


Points do not expire and there is no limit to the number of points you can earn.