How Do I Get a Free Copy of an Eviction Notice?

Eviction notices can be accessed from state and public sites.

Evictions are always a difficult issue to deal with because the tenant or mortgage holder is often in financial distress. On the other hand, evictions make the system work and help to recoup your financial investment on a property. Without the consequence of eviction, monthly payments might be late or non-existent. You can access a free eviction notice template in a number of places. These may differ slightly based on your location.


Free Eviction Notice

Step 1

Access and eviction notice online from many different legal, real estate or eviction-service websites. These can be found through a simple Internet search.

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Step 2

Choose the template based on the situation. The two main choices deal with the time period allowed and the state regulations regarding the eviction.


Step 3

Decide on the amount of time that the tenant has before being evicted. The choices usually range from three to 90 days. Choose a drop-down menu or separate forms based on this condition.


Step 4

Choose a notice from the appropriate state. For example, in some cold-weather states you are not permitted to evict tenants during the winter months. This stipulation must be included on the notice. In California, certain legal provisions must be included on the sheet as well.

Step 5

Download and print the template.



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