How Do I File Weekly Unemployment Claims Online?

You can claim unemployment benefits when you become unemployed through no fault of your own. Prior to filing weekly unemployment claims, you must file an application for unemployment benefits stating the name and address of your most recent employer. You must provide the reason for separation from your former employer. After completing an unemployment application, you can begin filing weekly unemployment claims online using the state employment website that corresponds to the state where you work. You must file weekly claims in order to receive unemployment compensation from the state of your last employment.

Step 1

Log on to the state employment website. For instance, if you were employed in the state of Iowa, you must log onto the Iowa Workforce Development website. Enter your user ID and password, which will be the same as the user ID and password you entered when you completed your application for unemployment compensation.

Step 2

Click the link that says "file my claim." Answer questions about your state of residence, indicate if you have filed for unemployment benefits in another state and communicate whether you currently have employment with the military or federal government. Indicate if you have filed for workers' compensation, and if so, provide the date of injury.

Step 3

Communicate if you have income from self-employment. State whether you have a medical reason that will deter you from accepting full-time employment. Indicate if you are currently involved in a training program or attending school, and state whether you can work full-time if a job opportunity presents itself.

Step 4

Provide the week ending date for which you're filing a claim. Indicate if you started and permanently left a job during the week for which you're filing a claim. State whether or not you refused a job offer during the week in question. Reveal if you're receiving holiday pay, vacation pay or pension payments.

Step 5

State whether or not you have looked for a job during the week for which you are filing a claim. Indicate the name and address of three potential employers where you have completed an application for the week in question. Provide the date when each application for employment occurred. Verify the accuracy of all information entered for the weekly claim. Click the "submit" button to transmit the weekly claim.

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