How to Get Unemployment Pay Stubs

Print your unemployment pay stubs directly over the Internet.

If you're currently receiving unemployment benefits, you could find it frustrating to try and prove your income. For example, if you're trying to apply for an apartment, you'll need to show pay stubs, along with proof that these funds will continue coming in for a specified amount of time. Since unemployment benefits are all done through direct deposit, regular paper pay stubs are no longer issued to recipients. However, you can still prove your income by printing a history of all your received payments.


Step 1

Find the website for the unemployment department in your state. If you're not familiar with where to go, a list of all the unemployment agencies can be found on the Employee Issues website.

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Step 2

Log onto your online account. If you haven't already signed up online, you'll probably need to do so. You'll typically need your social security number to start, and from there you can set a username and password.


Step 3

Look for the area where your benefits history is stored. As an example, New York has users click on the "View Payment History" button to retrieved their records. A complete list off all the payments you've received since you've first filed can be found here.

Step 4

Click to print the payment histories so you'll have them for your personal records.


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