How to Check Unemployment Status Online for Arizona

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In Arizona, qualified applicants can collect up to $240 per week in unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks, except during periods of high unemployment when extended benefits may apply. Unless you direct the Arizona Department of Economic Security otherwise, the department will pay benefits through a debit card system. You can check your unemployment status online by going to the Arizona Department of Economic Security website at

Online Status Check

Select either the English or Spanish radio button and enter your full Social Security number to access your account at the Arizona Department of Economic Security Unemployment Insurance website. Once inside, click the "View Payment Info" tab to view status information.

Available Information

In addition to providing the balance remaining on your claim, you'll be able to view the latest benefit payment made to you. If you filed but a claim but did not receive payment, the site will identify issues that may be delaying or preventing the payment. From February to May each year, the site will also display benefit payments for the previous calendar year for tax purposes.

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