How to Write a Proof of Rent Letter

If you are a landlord who owns rental property, you might receive a tenant-request letter that provides details of his payment history. You can provide a document that could assist the tenant with his request. Some landlords use payment receipt books or computer software for record keeping. However, you will need to examine payment details that are based on your method of operation.

Step 1

Locate your records that contain the tenant's rental information. You will need to determine the tenant's starting rental date and his payment history. Locate the tenant's signed rental agreement to observe the date of commencement. If you do not have a copy of the rental agreement, check your payment receipts for a security deposit, as well as the oldest payment record shown.

Step 2

Use your company letterhead when writing a rental reference. If you outsource services to a property management company, ask an employee of the firm for help. A rental verification from a professional services company may help the tenant if the letter appears credible. If you do not have a letterhead for your rental business, you can use stationary to compose a rental reference, however you should include your name and contact information in case the end-user needs verification.

Step 3

List the amount of time that the tenant has rented your property. For example, you can reflect the exact starting date or indicate time frames, such as 18 months, two years and six weeks (for weekly rentals). Include the tenant's payment history. Most end-users are looking for the number of timely payments and late payments beyond 30 days of your due date. You might indicate that a tenant has never been late for the past two years or show that a tenant has paid rent that was over 30 days late on two occasions during the past 12 months.


You can purchase rental reference forms at most office supply stores. Using predesigned rental reference forms might save you time and enable you to fulfill a tenant’s request in a shorter time frame. Cost for rental reference forms will vary from store to store.