How to Track UPS Packages

When you send a package via the United Parcel Service, you'll receive a tracking number that lets you monitor the progress of your shipment using any of the several methods the company offers. In addition, you can create your own reference number and track your package using that as well.


Tracking By The Numbers

UPS provides a tracking number to identify shipments and make it easier to track a package's status. As an alternative, you can assign a shipment reference number to the package using a combination of up to 35 characters. The latter option lets you customize your tracking to coincide with internal tracking systems, like the invoice number you send to customers. Including a reference number lets you track using either option. If you're expecting a package and missed your UPS driver's delivery attempt, the number on the UPS InfoNotice that's left behind also can be used to track where the item is and help you arrange for its delivery.


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Online Options

To track shipments online, go to and click the "Track Shipment" tab. You'll be able to input up to 25 numbers and get an update on their shipping status. Another option is to register for My UPS Enhanced Tracking online. Go to the link at and set up a profile. It's a free service that allows you to import up to 100 tracking numbers to monitor at one time. Tracing results can be acquired by e-mail or in a comma-separated value file that works with most spreadsheet applications. In addition, UPS Quantum View is a free service that brings comprehensive information on the status of your shipping to your desktop. With it, you can have e-mails detailing changes in shipping status sent to both you and your customers at designated intervals.


E-mail Tracking

You can track up to 25 shipments at a time using e-mail. Send an e-mail to If you're just asking about one shipment, type the tracking number in the subject line or the body. For multiple shipments, enter all the numbers in the body of the message. You don't need to type anything in particular in the subject line.


Use Your Phone

You can track your package by calling the UPS customer service number at 1-800-742-5877. Follow the prompts to say or enter your tracking number, and the automated system will update you accordingly. In addition, the UPS mobile presence lets you track your packages using your smartphone. Tap the "Track Packages" button and enter your tracking number to get shipment news on the go.