How to Redeem Your Cashback Bonus From Your Discover Card

Get your cashback bonus from Discover.

The Discover credit card offers customers cash rewards when they use their card to make purchases. Depending on where you use a Discover card, you may earn between a one and 20 percent cashback bonus after you make purchases. Discover makes it easy to access your cashback funds. You may redeem your cashback bonus from your Discover card either online or by telephone.

Step 1

Wait until your cashback bonus accrues to at least $20 to cash it out.

Step 2

Access your Discover account online by registering for online access. Fill in the fields of the registration page with your Discover account information, create a login name and password and set your preferences. If you already have online access to your Discover account, log in to the account center with your credentials.

Step 3

Click "Cashback Bonus" and browse through the options for redeeming your bonus. Customers with cashback bonuses between $20 and $50 can choose from a gift card with a partner retailer, a Discover gift card, merchandise or charity donations. Those with cashback bonuses over $50 can also choose from an electronic deposit or crediting their Discover account.

Step 4

Select the bonus option you wish to use and verify your selection.

Step 5

Click "Submit" to place your order.


You may also call Discover to redeem your cashback bonus. Dial 800-347-2683 and speak with a customer service representative. Provide your Discover account information and request your cashback bonus. Choose the bonus option you wish to use from the same options available online.