Does Your Name on Your W-2 Need to Match Your Name on Your Tax Return?

The IRS will help you obtain a corrected W-2 if necessary.
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Both your W-2 and your tax return must have your correct name. If your Social Security card does not show your correct name you should order a new card but proceed to file your taxes as normal. If your W-2 has the wrong name, you must ask your employer for a replacement and file the replacement W-2 with your taxes. If your employer does not give you a timely replacement, contact the IRS.


Delays in Corrected W-2s

If your employer does not provide you with a corrected W-2 by February 14, call the IRS and explain that your W-2 does not have the right name. The IRS will send the employer a letter with a deadline to replace the W-2. The IRS also will provide you with Form 4852 and its instructions, which you can use to file your taxes if your replacement W-2 is not produced in time for you to file your taxes.

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