How to Print Form 1096

Download and print any tax form you need from the IRS website.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) works diligently to simplify seemingly daunting tasks. For example, it continually updates its website, making it as user-friendly as possible to locate, download and print tax forms. Form 1096 — the annual summary and transmittal of U.S. information returns — is one of the many forms available on its website. Taxpayers can obtain a 1096 form for the current, or any previous, tax year.

Step 1

Visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website to locate and print 1096 forms (see Resources). At the left side of the IRS homepage, there is a section specifically for forms and publications. Click on it.

Step 2

Locate the section toward the middle of the page that comes up labeled "Download Forms and Publications by" and go over your options. If you need to print a 1096 form for the current year click "Form and Instruction Number." If you need to print a 1096 form from a previous year, click on the "Previous Years" link.

Step 3

Type "1096" into the "Find" box and click "Find." Results for the 1096 form for the previous and upcoming tax year will appear. Click on the one you want. When the 1096 form appears on your screen, click on the printer icon at the top of your computer screen. Select the number of copies you want and click "print."

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