How to Use My Indian Visa Credit Card in U.S.

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If you have a Visa credit card from India, it is likely set up in Rupees, which is the official currency in India. Even if you spend money on the card in another country, your statement will be in Rupees. As long as that credit card has the Visa logo on it, you will be able to use it for purchases in the United States. Credit cards in India are really no different than credit cards in any other country.


Step 1

Contact your credit card company in India -- such as ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank -- before you leave the country, to let them know that you plan on using the card in the U.S. Give the account representative the dates that you will be in the U.S., so that it can be noted on your account.

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Step 2

Give your Visa credit card to the cashier when you want to use it to pay for something in the U.S. It does not matter that it is from India. When you use the card for a purchase, you will be paying in U.S. dollars, which means that the amount will be converted automatically by the credit card company. You may incur a foreign transaction fee for the currency exchange.


Step 3

Present your Indian passport, when you are asked to show ID.




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