How to Plan a Mortgage Burning Party

Share your joy about paying off your mortgage by throwing a party.

Paying off your mortgage is a great reason to celebrate with a party. Inviting family and friends to share in your joy makes the occasion even more meaningful. With a greater sense of financial freedom, marking the occasion with festivities is an excellent opportunity for fun, and it can inspire other homeowners to help them achieve their goal of owning their home free and clear. Planning a mortgage-burning party is similar to planning other parties, but a few additional items are needed, including invitations, your mortgage note and matches to start a fire.


Step 1

Create your own invitations incorporating an image of a mortgage note being burned. You also can enclose a pack of matches in each invitation with the date of the celebration written on the matchbook. Print fake mortgage documents, and have your guests bring the invitation for burning.

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Step 2

Decide if your party will be indoors or outdoors. A cookout with a raging barbecue fire is ideal to go along with the theme. You also can have it indoors with a burning fireplace if it's a winter event.


Step 3

Plan to hold a short ceremony a few hours into the party or when the majority of guests has arrived. Begin the ceremony with a speech about your personal experience moving into your home and how you paid off your mortgage. Conclude the speech with burning the mortgage notes in the fireplace, barbecue grill, outdoor fire pit or a large, metal trash can.



Step 4

Have a cake in the shape of a house to add to the festivities. You also can have a picture of your home on the cake with the date that the note was paid in full.

Step 5

Provide a keepsake gift to guests to help them remember the occasion. A keepsake such as an engraved house key makes an ideal gift. An inspiring quote about financial freedom on decorative card stock paper also can provide a memory of the occasion.

Things You'll Need

  • Guest list

  • Invitations

  • Matchbooks

  • Food

  • Fireplace, barbecue pit or large, metal trash can

  • Morgate note

  • Music

  • Decorations

  • Cake

  • Event keepsakes (optional)

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