Budget Revision Process

A budget revision is a process that allows budget specialists to make changes to a budget in order to increase the company's financial standing. This can mean making revisions to pull in more income to pay off liabilities or finding methods to satisfy the amount of expenses the business is currently spending.


Analyze Budget

Before any revisions or changes take place, the revision process needs to include learning how the business budget is currently functioning. During the analysis, the budget specialist or business owner needs to find out what the business needs in terms of expenses and earnings to operate without going into debt. For example, the business may need to spend a specific amount on product development and production in order to sell the products and make money. Using other tools and supplies to construct the products for sale may sacrifice the product quality and decrease the amount of sales and income for the business, for example.


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Identify Troubled Areas

Find the areas or sections in the budgets that are troubled. These can be found in both the spending and earning categories. For example, a troubled area in the earnings categories can be a product or service not selling as well as expected, while a troubled area in the spending categories can include excessive spending or spending beyond the budget limitations. Excessive expenses can include too many business trips to luxurious places, frequent expensive business dinners with customers and too many business cars with insurance.


Make Changes

Make gradual changes to the budget by cutting down expenses in order to use the money to pay off liabilities or provide funding in categories in the budget that is in need. If there are numerous changes, make some changes first and let the new budget function for a few months. Once you can see that the changes are working, implement the other changes. Doing it over a period of time results in a smoother transition for larger budget changes and allows workers to become familiar with their new spending limits.


Monitor and Revise

Simply because the changes have been made does not mean that the budget is now functioning ideally and successfully. The budget needs to be monitored frequently to ensure that no one is spending beyond each category's limitations or continuing to spend frequently on luxurious expenses, like business dinners or travels. If the budget is not working as expected, repeat the process in order to revise the budget for a second time.