What Does NR Mean on a Credit Report?

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Credit reports can be difficult to interpret, in large part because of the numerous shorthand codes that appear on them. The code "NR" can bode good or ill for you, depending on your payment history.


What NR Means

An NR code means that a business or lender gave the credit bureau no information about the account for that month or a period of time. This code might show up because you maintain a line of credit you don't use, such as at a store credit card, or because the credit provider never reports payment information for any customers.


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Consequences of NR

Payment history -- good or bad -- influences your credit score. If you always pay your bills on time, but the information never makes it to the credit bureaus, it hurts your credit score because you don't get the positive impact of your good payment history. However, it works to your benefit if a creditor cuts you a break by not reporting a few late payments. Consider asking your creditors to report your payments if you make prompt, consistent payments.





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