The Advantages of Using a Fixed Budget

A fixed budget helps those on a fixed income.

A fixed budget allows you to prepare for expenses in advance. It works well for those on a limited budget. A fixed budget means your expense categories and income will not change from month to month. Many people on a fixed budget get the same amount of money each month because they work on salary or they are withdrawing a set amount from retirement accounts.


No Need to Adjust Your Budget Each Month

A fixed budget will not change from month to month or year to year. When planning your fixed budget you will need to plan for annual expenses and establish a solid emergency fund. This makes your budget much more solid and the careful planning will make it easier to deal with emergencies and stressful situations. Since your budget will not change, it is easier to follow your spending limits as you become adjusted to your budget. After you have set up your budget you will no longer need to adjust your budget each month, which can save you money.


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Allows You to Plan Ahead

A fixed budget will take into account all of your expenses and allow you to plan according to your goals and needs. If you want to take a nice vacation every year, for example, you can put money aside each month to cover the vacation. This prevents you from running short the month of your vacation, since you will have planned your vacation around those expenses. It also allows you to save up for large purchases such as a car.


Easier to Track and Keep Your Budget

Tracking your budget each month is the most time-consuming part of budgeting. However, a fixed budget will make it easier to do this. The amount will not vary from month to month and you can break down spending limits into weekly categories for things like groceries and entertainment, which makes it easier to keep your budget.


Works for People on a Fixed Income

A fixed budget works best for people on a fixed income. Since the income will not vary from month to month, people on a fixed income need to plan their spending carefully for the entire year. A fixed budget will balance out to match each month's income. Remember to plan for annual expenses and emergencies.