How to Get a Brinks Fire Safe Key

How to Get a Brinks Fire Safe Key
Brinks fire safe keys can be replaced by First Alert.

Write down the key, model and serial numbers of your safe. The key number is located on the face of the safe lock. The model and serial numbers are both on the safe and in the instruction manual that came with the safe.

Draft a letter addressed to First Alert requesting another key to your safe. Document and identify the key, model and serial numbers for your safe in the letter. Note your name and that you are the owner of the safe. Include an email address and phone number where you can be contacted. List the address at which you wish to receive the replacement key.

Sign the letter in the presence of a registered Notary Public. Ask the Notary to notarize the letter to confirm your identity and signature.

Enclose a signed check or money order for the fee amount listed in the owner's manual made payable to First Alert.

Mail the letter and check to:

First Alert

ATTN: Consumer Affairs

3901 Liberty Street Road

Aurora, Illinois 60504

You may also fax your request to 630-851-7995. Customer service will respond to your request with a request for payment within 48 hours.