How to Crack a Cheap Combination Lock

Typical combination lock

Combination locks are a useful means to safeguard valuable possessions, but forgetting the number combination can be frustrating and lead to owners having to break the lock. This can be avoided by cracking the combination. Providing the lock is relatively cheap and only has minimal numbers, owners can crack the code and unlock the lock in under 10 minutes by following these simple steps. Please use the steps only on your own locks.


Step 1

Put pressure on the metal lock away from the hasp, as if to attempt to pull the lock open.

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Step 2

Apply pressure away from the hasp while you go through each number on the first combination. Ensure that you spin the numbers clockwise, and as you do this, one number should hang up, or get stuck in place; this will be the first number on your combination.


Step 3

Continue to apply tension between the shackle and the lock and repeat step 2 with the remaining numbers. When you have completed step 2 on every cog you will have cracked the combination and the lock will open.