How to Find Oil Change Coupons

Save money with oil change coupons.

The rising costs of oil over the years has forced automotive shops to increase the price of an oil change. Most people don't have the time to complete an oil change themselves, and rely on an auto shop for regular servicing. You can lower the cost with oil change coupons. Fortunately, you can easily find oil change coupons both online and offline. Most oil change coupons are free to use.


Step 1

Visit the websites for oil change centers, such as Firestone and Jiffy Lube, as well as the websites for the major oil brands. These companies frequently provide printable oil change coupons for free on their websites. Print the oil change coupons and redeem them during your service visit. Some sites provide mail-in coupons instead of printable coupons. While you're on the website, join the mailing list and receive additional oil change coupons by email.


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Step 2

Check the Internet. Oil companies like Valvoline, Havoline and Castrol print online discount coupons, as do franchises like Jiffy Lube, Midas and Firestone Auto Care. Oil change coupons are sometimes available on auction sites like eBay as well. In addition, local shops often promote their services by offering coupons online. Contact the shop ahead of time and ensure that they accept printable oil change coupons.


Step 3

Newspapers often print coupons for oil change services. The best days to check are Wednesday and Sunday. Newspapers also list sales, promotions and coupons for local businesses. The newspaper is a great way to obtain oil change coupons for a privately owned local auto shop that you might normally visit.


Step 4

The U.S. Postal Service delivers advertising material - junk mail - on a more or less daily basis. While much of it may be of no interest to you, junk mail often includes coupons, including oil change coupons. One of the more popular such items is ValPak, an envelope containing dozens or even hundreds of coupons. In addition, local newspapers deliver advertising material even to non-customers; there are often oil change coupons in this material.


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