How to Get a Duplicate of a Social Security 1099 Form

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, reports that 96 percent of American workers pay into the Social Security system. Many retirees currently receive benefits each month and must report their Social Security benefits as income to the IRS. To help you prepare your taxes, the SSA sends a Form SSA-1099 at the beginning of the year, reporting the total benefits earned the previous year. If you misplace the form or did not receive one, you may request a duplicate.

Step 1

Check your mailing address listed with the SSA. If you moved during the previous year, but still receive your benefits by direct deposit, the SSA may not have your current address. You can check your address online with your preselected password. You also may call the SSA (800-772-1213) or visit your local office to confirm your address.

Step 2

Correct your address before requesting a replacement Form SSA-1099. You can update your address on SSA's website, with or without a password. To change your address online without a password, you must provide specific details about your Social Security benefits, such as the exact amount of your benefit, to complete the change-of-address request.

Step 3

Complete your order for a duplicate Form SSA-1099 online. You do not need an online account to file the request. Alternatively, call the SSA or visit your local office to request a duplicate


The Social Security Administration ( allows you to create a username and password to manage your account, including changes of address, online.

It takes around 10 days for your duplicate Form SSA-1099 to arrive by U.S. mail.