How to Access My Food Stamps Account

The electronic benefits transfer card, or EBT card, is the card that you use to make food stamp purchases. If you're curious about your past purchases or want to know how much money you have left in your food stamp account, you can visit the EBT account website. You have to first register your EBT card, so that you can access your account.

Step 1

Visit the JP Morgan EBT account website. This is where you can access your food stamp account information.

Step 2

Enter your EBT card number and PIN in the provided text boxes on the following page. Your PIN is the number you use to make your food stamp purchases when you slide your card through the card reader. Click "Continue."

Step 3

Select your sign-in options. You can access your account using your EBT card number and PIN, or with your user ID and password (which is covered in Step 4). Three text boxes appear after you select the EBT card number and PIN sign-in option. Enter your EBT card number in the first box, and then your PIN in the second box and third box. Click "Continue." Your "Account Summary" page will appear and you can now access your food stamp account.

Step 4

Enter your desired user ID and password in the text boxes, if you chose the user ID and password sign-in option. Click "Continue." Enter your birthdate and select and answer two password reset questions. Click "Continue." Select and answer three security questions that will help verify your identity when you sign-in to your account. Click "Set up Security Questions." Click "Continue" on the next screen to advance to your "Account Summary" page. You now have access to your food stamp account.

Step 5

Click "Log out" when you are finished viewing your food stamp account.


Choose your security questions carefully. Make sure the answers are not known to your friends and cannot be easily researched.